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Meditation Information

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What is Meditation?

Meditation has been practised by many eastern countries for thousands of years, priests and monks include meditation in their daily routine to bring about balance and clarity mentally, emotionally and physically. Many Gurus in India practice meditation to develop their spiritual awareness and wisdom.

Meditation is a practice that helps one create balance in our life, it will help us focus mentally, calms our stress and tensions, and promotes a more balanced state physically

Meditation can be practiced any time of the day, but it is recommended that there be a routine such as early morning or night sessions. The reason for this is we are very habitual creatures and by creating a routine for the mind, it is taught that at a certain time of day is when the ego mind has to move aside and allow the inner-self or subconscious mind to come forward.

The ego mind is our conscious mind, the one that worry�s about anything that is materialistic, it�s concerns are based on fears and expectations. The ego mind blocks your awareness of who you really are, it draws your attention to your fears and wants.

The sub-conscious mind is your inner-self, when drawn forward through meditation, it will give you a sense of who you really are, it will guide you in what you really need.
For example, your wordily concerns may be focused on obtaining a home, so you work overtime, to achieve this goal, allowing yourself no free time.
The inner-self knows that it requires time out because the mental, emotional and physical stress placed on the body is excessive, so it will create a illness so that it will have to rest.

If this is the case, the ego mind will have a total reaction of fear for it had created a want of obtaining a house, and becoming ill has hindered this desire.

Meditation will bring about a balance between the ego-mind and the inner-self , it will help you gain more insight into your needs and wants, for the two are totally different.

Your wants are things you desire, whether it is to keep up to the Joneses or the desire to better your self materially. Your needs are that what really makes you happy, such as, time out for reflection on your life, a loving and nurturing relationship or anything that is fulfilling to our emotional and mental states.

Meditation is a relaxation exercise, the techniques used are rhythmic breathing, stilling the ego mind which create a balance and focus mentally, it also promotes total relaxation physically.

This practice will increase your spiritual awareness and given you insights into your life, promoting a more balanced way of perceiving the outside world.

Meditation practiced daily will create for you a more relaxed attitude towards life as you will become more clear as to what is important in life. You will stay calm in stressful situations, feel more enliven and balanced physically and truly become the master of your own destiny.

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