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Crystal Information

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1 Crystal Information on Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:45 pm


Crystals can be used for different types of protection. Generally speaking when someone mentions crystals and protection in the same sentence they are speaking of protection from psychic sources which seek to do harm. However, crystals can also be used to protect us from illness, accidents, stalkers and other types of harm as well. For the purposes of this article I will be covering general protection, protection from injury, protection from illness, and protection from psychic attack and evil. This should cover most of the reasons someone would want to begin using crystals for protection. Quartz contains all colors so it is good for all types of protection. When you add quartz with another protection stone it amplifies the other stone’s energy making its protection even stronger. When using one of your stones for protection always add a quartz crystal with it. Quartz is a good crystal for general protection and protection from evil. Turquoise is a good crystal for both general protection and protection from injury. Lapis lazuli is an all healer and can be used for protection from psychic attack. Amethyst is a good crystal for protection against all sorts of psychic negative energy. Jade is a great crystal for protection from illness. Black onyx is good for protection against negativity in general.

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