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Past Life Information

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1 Past Life Information on Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:58 pm


A past life is simply a life you lived before your current life. You lived it in a different body, often a different gender, a different race, with different parents and friends, different dreams and beliefs, different priorities, different skills, different loves, hates, and fears. Were you to meet that earlier "you," you might not recognize yourself. Nevertheless, some of the physical and psychological makeup of that earlier "you" remains subconsciously influencing you today, for good or ill, just as you will influence your future lives.

Some people can tune into their own past lives unaided. They might experience them in dreams, meditation, or through travels that suddenly stimulate pastlife memories. If you have never had such experiences and do not know someone who can act as a facilitator in unearthing past lives, you can still find many hints about your earlier lives through things that fascinate you. A love for certain kinds of ethnic music, for example, is a strong indicator of the peoples you once lived among. Your taste in clothing and jewelry is another indicator. A love of silks might suggest lives of wealth in China or India. A preference for simple styles and fabrics could indicate that you have lived happy lives close to the earth. If you often dress in severe, unattractive, dark clothing, a past life as a nun or monk might be guiding such choices because of the safety and protection they once provided. Flamboyant clothing, bright colors, gypsy flair, tinkling jewelry, all point to more dramatic lives, enriching society through the arts but often lived on the fringes. The possibilities are endless.

If you have unexplained fears without a current life basis, these fears are another source for tuning into past lives. Fear of drowning, burning, starving, or being buried alive are among the most common fears but there are many others. Wounds can be indicators too: if you died of a specific wound in an earlier life, your current body might be marked by illness or an increased sensitivity at the site of that earlier death-wound.

All such experiences from a past life, whether positive or negative, have the potential to influence a current life. Tuning into the root cause in a past life might not disconnect the influence -- sometimes it is too deeply embedded in body and psyche for that. But at least it may help you to understand where it comes from and this, in turn, may gradually soften any discomfort

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